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You Are Not A Piece Of Paper.

“They said I don’t have any certificates so, at the moment, they don’t have a concrete answer regarding the raised I asked for.” – These were my patient’s words as she passionately shared her frustrations with her employer during our therapy session.

Workplace stress makes up most of the mental health problems I see in my practice. At some point, as a collective society, we shifted and gave more value to a piece of paper than to the individual as a whole.

In today’s global economy, that is perhaps the ultimate argument. Is a college education worth the cost? – For me, who has a total of 3 degrees and many more additional certificates; it was worth it. Nonetheless, what works for me, doesn’t necessarily work for you. If I was to answer that question in the most general sense, my answer would be a simple no. No, a college degree is no longer worth the cost. In fact, in my humble and personal opinion, some college degrees are worth nothing.

College is not for everyone, and the idea that a college degree is a guaranteed path to success is outdated, flawed, and completely erroneous. If a college degree is an investment that guarantees no returns, then what does? – There are hundreds of books written on this subject. I believe the formula to success is a combination of these three things: Drive / Passion, Resilience, and Education. Yes, you read that right, an education. This, however; isn’t necessarily an overpriced college education. It can be education from a mentor, online classes, previous work experience, or even life.

Do not let your mistakes from the past define you. Do not let a piece of paper define you. Instead, let your hard work and work ethic define you, let your heart define you. Believe in yourself.

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