Taro Kitchen

There’s no need for us to tell you how great Latin-American cuisine is. There are countless pages written on such topics, so no, we will not be copycats and write another Latin-American cuisine blog. Instead, we’ll introduce you to the craftmanship of Taro Kitchen. Gordon Ramsay sure has a lot to learn from the chef(s) that created this menu and the artisans’ hands that build daily such magnificent dishes.

Latin-America foods reflect the enormous social diversity resulting from Latin America’s history of settlement and intermarriage. The indigenous inhabitants of the Americas domesticated three highly productive and nutritious staples: corn, potatoes, and manioc, which are now eaten widely around the world. Iberian conquistadors introduced to the region the Mediterranean cuisine of wheat, wine, and olives, along with livestock.

Subsequent histories of migration further enriched these cuisines, as African slaves, Asian indentured servants, and Middle Eastern arrivals brought new flavors and culinary techniques. The regional cuisines of Latin America demonstrate the everyday genius of cooks in transforming often-limited ingredients into tasty and nutritious meals.

In short, it is a mix of everything. So, the gastronomy of such plates must be done with meticulous accuracy. And that is what impressed us the most about Taro Kitchen. In all the dishes we tasted, Taro Kitchen managed to find the sweet spot, the salty spot, the spicy spot, the mild spot, and the perfect sport.


Taro Kitchen

3090 FM 407 #330A, Highland Village, TX 75077

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